Who is Boom Corals LLC?

I created this company with a mission - to provide an experience when buying coral, and fulfill each of the following promises.  First, pictures should be accurate and minimal photoshop work done.  I try to get the coral to look close to how my eye sees them.  Second, everything should be true to sizing. I will always indicate sizing in my corals.  Pictures show actual frags or description states the minimum size of the coral you will receive. 

What if I buy "cut to order" and "ready to ship in stock" in the same order?

Your entire order will be held until all of it is ready to ship.  I will not ship until I get the OK from you on which day to ship so that you are fully ready to receive your order.

What are the details of your shipping policy?

    • Free shipping on orders over $249.  Wisconsin address delivery can choose $20 flat rate shipping at checkout.
    • Shipping is flat rate $35 on orders $50 - $249.
    • Shipping is flat rate $45 on orders less than $50.
    • All orders are shipped UPS Next Day Air.  Signature is NOT required. Must accept delivery on FIRST attempt or guarantee is void.
    • I only ship to the 49 states in the US.  I cannot ship internationally,  nor can I ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.
    • I will NOT ship any order without first contacting you in order to find out when you want your order shipped.  I can even hold it for a while if need be.
    • If you wish to receive your order on a Saturday there is an extra charge, even if your order qualified for free shipping.  If you choose Saturday delivery, you can pay the $20 fee
    • If you wish to do local pickup, choose that option when checking out, and contact me at quinn@boomcorals.com to arrange a day/time. I am located in Muskego, Wisconsin. 
    • If the destination or UPS hubs are lower than about 15F or if it is that cold here in Wisconsin, I may need to delay/reschedule shipping.  I will contact you if this occurs.  There is a point where it can be too cold to send coral!

Are your corals wild, maricultured, or aquacultured?

    • At this time I only sell Aquacultured corals, unless specifically noted.  The vast majority of what I offer are well known named pieces.  Anything with a "boom" name is simply a piece that I cannot verify lineage or is a piece I aquacultured myself. 

Will my order ship right away?

    • After you place your order I'll contact you and let you know if the order is ready to ship right away or needs time for coral to heal.  Either way, I'll ship on a day that we both agree upon so you are ready to receive your order.  I would NEVER ship an order without first getting the OK from you.

How do you pack your corals?

    • Corals are packed in the highest quality styrofoam padded boxes, sealed in bags, double bagged, then triple bagged inside the box one last time, then  padded with peanuts or other packing material to prevent shifting and leaks.  I look at the weather of the destination and will use 40 hour heat packs if needed, or in extreme heat I will use a polar tech ice pack.  Both are separated from the coral via packing material so that no direct contact is made with the bags.  

What is your DOA policy?

    • I guarantee my coral for two weeks after delivery.  If you have a coral die, please contact me me at quinn@boomcorals.com and include pictures of any dead coral specimens.  None of this "dead 2 hours after delivery still in the bag" nonsense.  I hate those kinds of DOA policies.  If some kind of shock happens during shipping, the coral often won't die for 1-3 days after arrival, so that's why I offer this kind of policy.    You pay for healthy coral, you get healthy coral, and if something goes wrong and the coral dies, you get  a replacement.

Are your coral "fresh cuts"?

    • I will NOT ship fresh cuts!  But, items in stock and available for purchase on my site may be healed or may be fresh cuts.  If you order anything that is a fresh cut, I'll contact you about your order and let you know the earliest I can ship, ensuring the frags have enough time to heal before shipping.

What do you feed your corals?

    • I do not spot feed my coral, but I do broadcast feed Reef Roids as well as various frozen coral foods.  I feed a mixture of live worms, frozen fish foods, flake and pellets to my many fish.  Fish then in turn feed the coral.

What about pests?

    • I dip/QT and closely inspect all of my coral.  I make every attempt to keep my coral free of pests.  I am not adding new corals to my system often and when I do, they go through an eight week quarantine and multiple dip regime. That said I would never tell anyone not to dip and QT their corals.  In this hobby, no one should ever risk their systems and everyone should always follow strict dipping and QT processes.  If nothing else it's a good habit to get into and I recommend never compromising at least one dip, no matter what.  
    • The frag plugs may have algae, but it's rather unavoidable in this hobby as plugs like to grow algae.  I have a nutrient export system and clean up crews and tangs in my frag tanks, but they can't get it all!  

How should I acclimate my corals?

    • Everyone is different in this regard.  In general though, I suggest floating the bag until the temperature matches your tank.  After that, just put the coral into the tank.  I would not do any drip or water mixing acclimation, as this can sometimes do more harm than good.  I STRONGLY recommend you do not dip corals right away.  Instead let them sit in QT for a few days then dip.  Some corals are more sensitive and dipping stresses them.  So, if they are already stressed from shipping, don't dip them right away.   Also if you use harsher things like Coral RX or Revive, ALWAYS err on using a bit less, not more.

How accurate are the pictures on the website?

    • I strive to provide accurate pictures of the coral for sale.  Sample frag pictures will be similar to what you'll receive.  Pictures are taken using a Canon EOS 5D Mark iii and Canon lenses, and then basic color correction is done in lightroom.  You will not find any heavily photo-shopped pictures here!  You should recognize the coral based on my pictures once it's acclimated and under your lights.
    • All that said, buyers should understand that close up photos can sometimes capture color and detail that is hard to see with the naked eye. Add to that the different lighting in aquariums.  This means there is a potential to have some color and detail turn out different from my photos compared to what your naked eye sees. Though again I try to make my pictures look close to what my eye sees. 

What are your water parameters and lighting?

    • I have a mixture of all the major types of lighting.  Two display/grow out tanks use only LEDs.  One display has 2 Orphek Atlantik v4  and the another has 4 Ecotech Radions.  Some frags are kept in 10"-12" deep frag tanks with 20k Hamilton Halide and two other frag tanks use 6 bulb ATI T5s.  My refugium uses two Kessil a360we.  All the tanks have extensive flow and turnover.  I place the corals based upon light and flow needs.
    • PH 7.8 to 8.3
    • Temp 75-82
    • Salinity 1.027
    • Alkalinity 6.5-8.5 DKH
    • Magnesium 1350
    • Calcium 420-440
    • Nitrate .01-10 ppm
    • Phosphate .01-.13 ppm