Who is Boom Corals LLC?

I created this company with a mission - to provide an experience when buying coral, and fulfill each of the following promises.  First, pictures should be accurate and minimal photoshop work done.  I try to get the coral to look close to how my eye sees them.  Second, everything should be true to sizing. Pictures should show actual frags or very similar frags to what you receive. Third, no misleading teeny tiny frags. Some vendors give you tiny frags on tiny plugs and it makes the frags look bigger than they are.  I strive to sell frags of at LEAST 1" (with rare exception).  I've found most people would prefer to pay a bit more to receive a larger frag. So I even offer small size colonies.  Lastly, when you receive your shipment, I want you to feel like a kid on Christmas morning, opening that box and having an experience you enjoy.

What are the details of your shipping policy?

    • Shipping is $35 flat rate. Free shipping on orders over $249.  Wisconsin address delivery can choose $20 flat rate shipping at checkout.
    • All orders are shipped Fedex Priority Overnight.  Signature is NOT required.
    • I will NOT ship any order without first contacting you in order to find out when you want your order shipped.  I can even hold it for a while if need be.
    • If you wish to receive your order on a Saturday there is an extra charge, even if your order qualified for free shipping.  If you choose Saturday delivery, you can pay the $16 fee here: https://boomcorals.com/products/fedex-saturday-delivery
    • If you wish to do local pickup, choose that option when checking out, and contact me at matt@boomcorals.com to arrange a day/time. I am located in COLGATE, WISCONSIN. 
    • If the destination is lower than about 15F or if it is that cold here in Wisconsin, I may need to delay/reschedule shipping.  I will contact you if this occurs.  There is a point where it can be too cold to send coral!

How do you pack your corals?

    • Corals are packed in styrofoam padded boxes, sealed in bags or hard containers, double bagged, and padded with peanuts or other packing material to prevent shifting and leaks.  I look at the weather of the destination and will use a 40 hour heat pack if needed, or in extreme heat I will use a polar tech ice pack.  Both are separated from the coral via packing material so that no direct contact is made with the bags.  

What is your DOA policy?

    • I guarantee my coral for two weeks after delivery.  If you have a coral die, please contact me me at matt@boomcorals.com and include pictures of any dead coral specimens.  None of this "dead 2 hours after delivery still in the bag" nonsense.  I hate those kinds of DOA policies.  If some kind of shock happens during shipping, the coral often won't die for 1-3 days after arrival, so that's why I offer this kind of policy.  You pay for healthy coral, you get healthy coral, and if something goes wrong, you get your money back. 
    • Unlike most coral vendors, I ALSO cover fedex delay.  If fedex delays your package for any reason, and the coral arrive DOA, you get a refund or replacements.  To be honest, it very rarely happens, but most times when it does, the coral are often still ok because I pack them well!

Are your coral "fresh cuts"?

    • All corals have had at least a 10 day "heal" period before being sold.  Corals that encrust will have started to at least slightly encrust before being sold.

What do you feed your corals?

    • I do not spot feed my coral, but I do broadcast feed Coral Frenzy, Reef Roids, and Reef Chili.  I feed only frozen foods to my frag tank fish.

What about pests?

    • I dip/QT and closely inspect all of my coral.  I make every attempt to keep my coral free of pests.  That said I would never tell anyone not to dip and QT their corals.  In this hobby, no one should ever risk their systems and everyone should always follow strict dipping and QT processes.
    • I have had all corals in my tanks for at least 2 weeks, with two dips.  This helps ensure they are treated for pests and are acclimated properly.

How should I acclimate my corals?

    • Everyone is different in this regard.  In general though, I suggest floating the bag for 15 minutes, and then add water to the bag slowly for another 20 minutes.  If alkalinity is greater than 1-2 DKH difference from bag water to tank water, add water for a longer period, say 45-60 minutes.  I STRONGLY recommend you do not dip corals right away.  Some corals are more sensitive and dipping stresses them.  So, if they are already stressed from shipping, don't dip them right away.  Instead let them sit in QT for a week then dip.  Also if you use harsher things like Coral RX or Revive, ALWAYS err on using less, not more.

How accurate are the pictures on the website?

    • I strive to provide accurate pictures of the coral for sale.  All coral is "What You See Is What You Get" unless the description says otherwise. Pictures are taken under 14k-18k lighting using a Canon EOS 5D Mark iii and Canon lenses, and then basic color correction is done in photoshop.  You will not find any heavily photo-shopped pictures here!  You should recognize the coral based on my pictures once it's acclimated and under your lights.
    • All that said, buyers should understand that close up photos can sometimes capture color and detail that is hard to see with the naked eye. Add to that the different lighting in aquariums.  This means there is a potential to have some color and detail turn out different from my photos compared to what your naked eye sees. Though again I try to make my pictures look close to what my eye sees. 

What are your water parameters and lighting?

    • All frags are kept in 10" deep frag tanks and lit with either LED or T5/Halide  If you prefer frags from one or the other, just let me know!  The flow and turnover in the frag tanks is generally high.  I place the corals based upon light and flow needs.
    • PH 8.0 to 8.2
    • Temp 77
    • Salinity 1.026
    • Alkalinity 7.0-8.0 DKH
    • Magnesium 1450
    • Calcium 440
    • Nitrate 1-5 ppm
    • Phosphate .02-.08 ppm