SPS - Boom's "Winter is Coming" Austera Acro

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About the acro - far as I can tell this is an Acropora Austera.  I think it's a very pretty one.  The backstory though is a mystery.  I got this frag sometime last summer in 2017, I remember that much, but it sat and did nothing for months.  It was brown, boring, and I probably contemplated tossing it.  I tried different light ranges, placements in flow, etc.  Eventually I just sort of forgot about it and left it alone.  Over time it slowly started to change, and by January of 2018 had stabilized in color.  The colors to me are amazing.  It has sort of a darker peach colored skin and polyps in the lower light areas, with hints of blue and green.  The branches grow a beautiful white with hints of baby blue in them.  The axial corallites are yellow, and the polyps turn a crazy blue that reminds me of the eyes of a white walker from Game of Thrones.  And thus the name I chose!

Regular Frags will be 3/4"-1" in size, while Large Frags will be 1.25" or chunky.

Frags may need heal time before your order can ship.